A year like no other 2020 has had a very different outcome to how most of the world expected! For Jenem, a proudly Mancunian singer-songwriter, it has been a year of developing production skills and releasing a number of self-produced and collaborative records. Latest release Born Dreaming is an upbeat acoustic pop track with a  force of positivity, affectionately termed ‘too positive’ by reviewers but surely what we need in these challenging times! As well as releasing music 2020 has seen Jenem start several weekly livestream shows including a live songwriting show on Twitch, dubbed Let’s Get Lyrical where the audience participates in writing new music. With the new year just on the horizon the rest of 2020 is set to be shaped by a final few releases under the more acoustic umbrella (of which Jenem owns many living in rainy Manchester), a growing audience on Twitch, and a set of YouTube videos to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of her 2019 release, Skyline.

Join Jenem on Twitch on Fridays 1.30pm GMT + Mondays 2pm GMT, and Facebook Tuesdays 8pm GMT and Thursdays 7pm GMT to catch a live show.

Available for all requirements including cover gigs and original music performances. Please get in touch via the contact page.

(Home page photo credit: Emma Jane Wheeler)