Roots-July 2023

Roots… the foundation, the support system, the beginning. Whether it’s family, friends, or the stranger who helped shape your path, this one’s dedicated to them!

Roses Aren’t Always Red- August 2022

Chart pop, big choruses, and an exploration of love in varying forms! Sometimes roses are red and sometimes they’re yellow, pink or blue!

Laughing Clouds-December 2020

Have you ever looked out at the rain and thought maybe the clouds are just laughing a little too hard? (If the answer is no then you are probably with the majority here but being from a rainy city means sometimes you have to change your perspective on those rainy clouds!)

Born Dreaming-October 2020

Affectionately reviewed as ‘too positive’ if you’re in need of a pick me up look no further!

Crowd (with Rahmel Lee)- August 2020

‘Everybody’s in the crowd’, although not literally at the moment, crowds of 6 people maximum! During these strange times this ones all about unity and celebrating differences!

Cure (with Rahmel Lee)- July 2020

A feel good dance tune! Find your cure whilst listening to cure! Collaboration with artist, writer, producer and steel pan player, Rahmel Lee!

Lockdown-May 2020

During lockdown I started learning to produce my own music. This is the first track that I fully self produced alongside a DIY music video using one of my favourite childhood toys, lego! Check out the song and video here:

Skyline EP-November 2019

An exploration of dreams, friendships, love and letting go-all the good stuff! Physical CDs are available on the Merch store if like me you still love listening to music the somewhat old fashioned way!

Or listen below on Spotify (also available on Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer etc.)

Let Myself Go (Lyric Video)- July 2019:

After a few years without releasing it was time for some new music! ‘I let myself go’ and release it and here’s the first single in lyric video form: