Day 5-Grevenbroich to Stuttgart

Grevenbroich to Stuttgart-09/09/22

The day of trains! With a positively late start to our day we were delighted to have a hotel breakfast buffet at our disposal and took full advantage. Checking out and walking the 10 seconds to the train station, yet again thankful at this very handy hotel location, we headed to the platform for train 1 of the day. A 20 minute delay was an indication of how the rest of the journey would go. It was meant to take 3 and a half hours and just 2 trains to get us to Stuttgart, but 5 hours and 5 trains later and we thankfully made it, extremely glad to have a day off and not be rushing to a gig (as sadly our planned gig was cancelled). 

A few thoughts on German trains at this point. Some of them are very nice, feel a bit more luxurious than UK trains and the luggage racks are much better, bigger and in convenient locations. However, I don’t think any of them have ran to time yet so I’m not convinced that they actually have a timetable at all! With our feet touching the ground in Stuttgart we got, you guessed it, another train/tram out of the centre to drop our bags at our hosts house. 

Thankful for a comfortable roof over our heads, we relaxed a little before all heading out for some pizza. The tram ride on the way included a great view of the city, as it’s extremely hilly, and also had the bonus of feeling slightly like a rollercoaster ride. One delicious pizza and an ice cream later, and we took full of advantage of our evening off, relaxing and chatting before getting an early night. 

We’re staying in Stuttgart tomorrow so here’s hoping that we end up on far fewer trains! Day 5 felt very much like a throwback to myself and Courtney Visser going on a busking tour many years ago called the Too Many Trains tour! (No photos today either as they’d just be of many trains!)