Day 9-Dresden

13/09/22-Dresden (Coswig)

Another, you guessed it, fairly early start in Berlin, and 4 flights of stairs with our bags later, and we headed off to catch the train to Dresden (Coswig, so a little outside the centre). Greeted by Lea’s friend Julia, it was an odd feeling to get into a car after spending so long on trains for the past few weeks! Thankful for this, we went back to Julia’s family home, met her lovely parents, and gratefully received some home cooked food! 

A relaxing afternoon awaited, with plenty of time sitting in the garden in the sunshine, and a 4pm treat of coffee, cake, and a truly delicious wine, that tasted absolutely nothing like wine! It’s only available for a few weeks of the year, produced in the local vineyards, and quite honestly was the tastiest wine I’ve ever tried! 

The best wine I’ve ever tasted! Surely this isn’t alcohol!

With more guests arriving ready for the concert, and my distinct lack of German speaking skills apparent (note to self, learn the language a little before travelling to the country!), we set up ready to perform to friends, family, and neighbours. The age rage of the audience made for a really interesting gig, and we once again alternated songs so that Lea could translate the song explanations. With a break halfway through the performance, to dive into a delicious buffet spread, I enjoyed sampling some traditional German foods, including a spread usually made from Lard, although I tried the vegan version, and a potato salad. Soon after we returned to the wonderful stage setup to play some more songs each, some joint songs, and an encore! With a hat passed around, we were stunned once again at the generosity of everyone attending, excited to afford food again on the road tomorrow! 

Outdoor performance!

Selling some CD’s and chatting, well Lea chatting and translating on my behalf, with some lovely friendly faces, the evening soon ran away and we were grateful to play and stay in the same location! Julia’s family were some of the loveliest and most welcoming people I’ve ever met, especially as I was so useless at speaking German, and a complete stranger to them. I’ll be forever thankful for the experience they provided of not only a comfortable place to stay, but a magical concert experience, and I’ve been told that the neighbours have requested another performance next year so watch this space!